Eco-Dome KO (Hyundai Kona) J1772 Plug Protector
Eco-Dome KO (Hyundai Kona) J1772 Plug Protector
Eco-Dome KO (Hyundai Kona) J1772 Plug Protector

Eco-Dome KO (Hyundai Kona) J1772 Plug Protector

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Made in Canada! to Protect your Charging port from Snow, Ice, Rain, and Dust!

If you own a battery electric or plug in hybrid vehicle, the ECO-DOME line of products is indispensable for protecting your vehicle's electrical connection against damaging snow, and ice! This patented product is entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, to last in our demanding climate.  Made of a superior quality canvas and not a thin fabric that may tear with single gust of wind, the Eco-Dome product will remain in excellent condition for a long time.  Built with a gripping band of mechanical fasteners (hook and loop) closes the access of the electric cable to prevent snow and freezing rain from being lodged inside. The Eco-Dome is a beautiful product, with a beautiful finish that combines practicality and aesthetics. The ECO-DOME KO only fits the Hyundai Kona Electric with built magnets that adhere to the vehicle.  Vehicles made of Polymer, plastic or aluminum are incompatible with ECO DOME models because the magnets do not adhere to them. 

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Below you will find a list of vehicles that are known to work with this model of Eco Dome.  New models are always coming out, if you don’t see your vehicle listed here contact us to see what will work for you.

Eco-Dome KO

  • Hyundai Kona Electric

Note: if your car is not listed here check out one of our other Eco-dome listings as one size does not fit all.  If you have a new model contact us to see which Eco-dome will work with your car.




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