I'm Back....

I'm Back....
After a long absence Northern Electric Vehicle Experience is back on the Air!

Welcome SIEMENS VersiCharge to Allandale Technologies

Siemens VersiCharge Promotional Video

Allandale Technologies is proud to welcome the SIEMENS VersiCharge product line of Residential and Commercial Electric Vehicle Charges.

Come charge on with Siemens VersiCharge AC Series

Have EV's Reached an Inflection Point?

Canada Talks Electric Cars Podcast
Ten million passenger electric vehicles were on the road at the end of 2020, and with millions more added in 2021, the global EV market seems finally poised for lift off. But as always, challenges remain -- both globally and in the North America market. Corey Cantor, a transport analyst for electric vehicles at BloombergNEF, discussed his team's view and long-term outlook for electric vehicles worldwide and in Canada. He also discusses automaker strategies, commercial vehicles and recent U.S. EV policy developments.

Virtual EV Ride-Along with Dave VanAlstyne

David VanAlstyne on a Virtual Ride Along
EV Society Barrie-Orillia member Dave VanAlstyne takes us for a ride in his Nissan Leaf.  If you look on the wall where Dave plugs in his Leaf you will see an EVduty EVC 30 charger supplied by Allandale Technologies.

Solid State Batteries & More with Sandy Munro, Munro & Associates

Clip of a youtube video with Sandy Munro
Great Video with Sandy Munro talking about the future of EV production technology with a Canadian Twist.

Video - Eric H. Installed an EVduty EVC30 Charging Station in his Garage.

Eric H shows how to install an EVduty Charger

In this video you will see the homeowner unbox his EVduty EVC 30 charger and explain how it is to be installed.  He already had an outlet mounted to the wall.  Note in the video he talks a bit about the direction of the ground pin being upside down in the manual, however EVduty expects the charger plug to bent 180 degrees counter-clockwise when installed.

Virtual EV Ride-Along with Matt Lum

Virtual Ride Along With Matt Lum
Vancouver EV Association (VEVA) member Matt Lum takes us for a ride in his Chevy Volt.

Virtual EV Ride-Along with Jordan & Andrea

Virtual ride along with Jordan and Andrea
Waterloo Region EV Association (WREVA) members Jordan & Andrea take us for a ride in their Tesla Model 3.

EV Society Virtual EV Ride-Along with Trevor Rodie

Virtual ride along with Trevor Roadie
 EV Society Caledon member Trevor Rodie takes us for a drive in his 2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV!  If you notice at the beginning of the Video he shows the EVduty Charger that was supplied by Allandale Technologies.

What kind of Electric cars are there anyway?

What kind of Electric cars are there anyway?

This episode explores the electric car market as it stands today in North america and around the world.  

Some of the topics included GM's plans to build a new battery plant in Lordstown Ohio, Peugeot's merger with FCA and what that could mean, and how VW is converting existing plants to all electric production.

Living with an E.V. the real deal!

Living with an E.V. the real deal!
 In this episode I cover what an average day is like with an EV. How green is an EV really and what are some of the pitfalls in owning an EV.  Don't forget if you have some questions feel free to send them to me and I will try to answer then on air.  If you send an audio question I may use it in the pod.

What do I do if I have to go on a roadtrip?

What do I do if I have to go on a roadtrip?
I get this question a lot.  Usually random people stopping me in the parking lot, or at work or whatever.  This episode goes deep into range, what it really is, what you need for daily use and what do you do when you have to drive beyond your normal range?  Have a listen, it really isn't scary.